Customer Service

Log-in+Account Set-Up & Registration

I created an account, but I’m having trouble logging in! What should I do?

First, thank you for creating an account! Secondly, there might be several reasons as to why you’re unable to log in. So we’ll have to break this down in order to specify exactly what the issue might be.

Account activation

As a B2B (business-to-business) model, this means we’ll need to verify you as a licensed company with a legitimate reseller’s/seller’s license or permit issued by your state. If one hasn’t been provided to us already, please be prepared to send a copy of the permit through email at

Even though an account has been created, this does not grant you immediate access to our site. Only after verification can we 'ACTIVATE' your account. Please allow 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS for the verification process to complete activation.

I’ve purchased from you before, but I still can’t log-in.

If you’ve already purchased from us before at market (FAME-NY, MAGIC-LV and etc..) please confirm you have done so by emailing and your account will automatically activate for immediate usage.

I forgot my log-in ID / Password!

If you need retrieval of your log-in ID or password, please email or call us at 310-715-1370 during normal business hours.

My business moved. How can I change my shipping/billing address?

At the top right corner of our page is a drop down menu labeled ‘My Account’. Click on ‘My Account’ and a drop down menu will appear. From the choices available in the menu, click on ‘My Account’ once more and your account information can be edited by clicking on on the pencil icon. Remember to save afterwards and verify once more upon check out!

My account has been activated, but I still can’t log-in! Help!

If for whatever you’re still having trouble logging on, please contact us immediately at or call us at 310-715-1370.


Billing + Payment + Refunds

What are my payment options?

We accept any of the major credit card companies such as VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS upon check out. C.O.D Payment:We also provide a C.O.D check/money order as a method of payment However, certain limits and exclusions will apply

  • Frist 3purchase transactions must be paid in full through credit card. This is to create an account history and to cement your financial standing with us
  • One3 credit card payments have been fulfilled, the C.O.D option will be available. afterwards, aminimum of $350.00 must be ordered to activate the C.O.D option.
When will my order be charged?

Orders sent in before 11AM-PST will charge on the same day. Orders sent in after 11AM-PST have the possibility to be charged on the same day, but not guaranteed. This is highly dependent on when the order was processed. If the order was not charged on the same day, a following attempt on the next business day will be made.

A refund transaction was confirmed, but I don't see it available in my bank account?

If a refund is expected and/or confirmed, please allow 7-10 business days for the refund exchange to be completed. It is possible that the refund could be expedited sooner in some cases and will depend on the banking institution to communicate with our merchant. If it has exceeded past the 10 business days, please notify us by calling 310-715-1370 or email us at

Your Order + Stock Inquiry + Sizing

I'd like to review my order. Where should I go?

At the top right corner of our page is a drop down menu labeled 'My Account'. Click on 'My Account' and a drop down menu will appear. From the choices available in the menu, click on 'My Account' once more and your account information along with your order history will be available.
The option to 'View Order' or 'Reorder' will also be available.
Clicking on 'View Order' - By clicking 'View Order', it will redirect to the order page for that specific order. Clicking on 'Reorder' - By clicking 'Reorder', it will redirect to the reorder page and reflect the exact same order that was placed from whenever that particular order was accepted at check out.
The reorder page also provides pictures of the items that were ordered. Whereas, on 'View Order' this option is not available.

ALWAYS be sure to always double check your order (address, cost, quantity, colors, etc..) upon check out!

Quick! I need a rush order sent out today! What can be done?

All orders submitted before 11 AM-PST will start processing on the same day. Any orders submitted after 11 AM-PST have the possibility to process on the same day, but not guaranteed. Orders are processed on a first come first serve basis. If your order needs to be rushed, please note it in the ‘customer notes’ section box. We HIGHLY encourage our customers to call if the order needs to be expedited for a rush delivery.

I'd like to change/edit my order, but it's already been submitted for processing! What can I do?

Once orders are submitted, changes to the order (change of color, quantity, method of shipping, shipping address, method of payment, and etc.) must be emailed at or called in at 310-715-1370 BEFORE 2 PM-PST! This will allow proper amount of time to change the order before the package is shipped.

What does each 'STATUS' on my order mean?

Pending - We're currently reviewing your order before we begin processing your order. This is to ensure that we have all the necessary information we need. Processing - Your order has been confirmed and inventory is being pulled. Where shortly after, your merchandise will be packaged and weighed for delivery. Complete - Everything has been prepared accordingly and ready for delivery.

I just saw style 'X' available on your site. But now it's no longer available!

Sometimes we'll run low on inventory for certain styles. By the time our warehouse team gives us the notice that a certain item is out of stock, is when we'll remove the style off our site. On the off chance that a style is still on our site, but unavailable for purchase, a back order option will be available.

How do I start a back order process?

Contact us via email at or call us at 310-710-1370. Be sure to ask for the E-Commerce Dept.! Please have the style number, color and the quantity you're looking for. Our next step is to check if the style you're looking for is already in production. If production is confirmed then an ETA date will be provided so you can anticipate when the style will arrive. If there is no current production then more often than not, the style will not come back for awhile. This doesn't necessarily mean it will never come back in stock. Sometimes it might make a 2nd debut for the following season!

What is the minimum amount that needs to be ordered?

1 pack of any certain style must be ordered and will be considered a minimum.

How are your sizes packed?

Please refer to the chart below.

Size break S M L
Pc per pack 2 2 2

Size break S M L
Pc per pack 3 2 1

Size break One Size
Pc per pack 1

Size break One Size
Pc per pack 3

Size break One Size
Pc per pack 3 or 1


Bottoms are, but not limited to... rompers, jumpers, shorts, pants, and etc. Some hats are available as one piece. Awhile other hats are only available as a pre pack of 3 pcs. Please email us at or call us at 310-715-1370 if you have have questions regarding our pre-packs.

What are your sizes like? How do they fit?

Our choice model is from a young contemporary body. What this means is that our style will fit to the 20-40's woman and will run slightly fitted (in some cases). However, our choice in fabrics provide a generous give in an attempt to cover any woman, in any size or height without losing the beautiful integrity of our styles

Is it possible to have measurements for each garment?

Size measurements and specs are not available for the public at this time. However, the measurement of the models used in our high-res pictures will be provided. From there, this will give you an idea of how our clothes could fit.

Style 'X' looks so off! What's with the coloring? What are these marks??

We work tirelessly to have each piece of every style appear unique and as it's own just like the wearer. The general body of the style will remain the same, but certain details such as patterns, dyes, washes, fringes, beads/sequin and etc. might appear slightly different to create a unique effect. If you believe that the style you have is completely off, please refer to our 'Returns/Damages Guideline'

There was a promo code that was offered and it wasn't applied. What happened?

We'll first need to see if that promo offered has already been applied to any previous order. If so, then the code is no longer applicable. However, if the code hasn't been used, we'll go ahead and apply it to your next order with us!

What happened to my order from 2 weeks ago??

We work swiftly to process your order and will contact you immediately if the order for some reason can not be fulfilled or completed. We will attempt in contacting you several times to confirm/verify the order that was placed, however if no contact can be made after 2 weeks, we will be forced to cancel the order.

I'm not a retailer or a business, but I LOVE your line! Where can I shop for it??

We currently do not provide business listings of where you could find our items. However, our focus relies heavily with your local boutique shops! And if you'd like for them to carry our line, we suggest you have them contact us, so you can finally shop for our styles you've been wanting a while promoting local business growth!

*** Changes come and go. And so does our FAQs! So if you feel that a question went unanswered, please drop us a line at 310-715-1370 or email us at We'll try our best to answer whatever question you might have! ***